Three Hills Challenge Training

Are you prepping for Lincoln City Half Marathon? Then it's time to start hill training!

You will be pleased to hear the route does not include the famous Steep Hill in Lincoln, it does however include 3 smaller hills that we have nicknamed the 'Three Hill Challenge'.

Our beautiful city center route, which takes you around some of Lincoln's beautiful scenery, will lead you up Yarborough Road, Carline Road, and Long Leys Road.

Can you handle the 3 hills challenge?

Half Marathon Lead Alice Carter, who is trained in Leadership in Running Fitness Licence from UK Athletics, has designed a fantastic training programme to help you prepare ready for September.

1) Find yourself a hill of any length
2) Set a time of 12 minutes
3) Complete as many hill reps as possible in this time frame – running to the top of the hill and back down again
4) Focus on keeping constant movement uphill; running, jogging, or fast paced walking
5) Use the downhill as recovery; easy paced relaxed running, run/walk, or walking
6) After 12 minutes is complete, rest for 2 mins, then repeat for two more sets of 12 minutes

3 x sets of 12 minutes of activity

2 minutes rest in between each set

Total = 40 minutes of work

Top tips

Running uphill

· Focus on keeping a high heel lift

· Drive with your arms

· Keep your focus upwards, looking toward the top of the hill

Running Downhill

· Raise your knees slightly

· Bring your arms out to aid balance

· Remain relaxed

We would love to see how you are getting on with your training. Tag us in your photos @lincolncityfoundation @lcityfoundation

Not entered yet? The Lincoln City Half Marathon takes place on the 18th September, ENTER HERE.