Lincoln City Half Marathon does Lincoln Parkrun

The Lincoln City Half Marathon team joined Lincoln Parkrun to recognise the fantastic work of parkrun and to engage with runners and walkers at Boultham Park, which will host the start and finish point of the 13.1 mile route due to take place on Sunday 20 September 2020.

Lincoln Parkrun is free to register for anyone wanting to complete the 5k route and over the last six years thousands of friendships have been made and over 12,000 people aged 4 to over 84 have run, walked or jogged around the course.

Saturday 14 March saw the Lincoln City Half Marathon team lace up their trainers and complete Lincoln Parkrun. For some, it was their first-ever time attending the Lincoln event, whilst it was the 145th time for another.

Louisa Dennett, Event Director at Lincoln Parkrun says:

“Parkrun is a great place to meet new and old friends for a run, jog or walk in a park, and is popularly followed by a drink and breakfast in a nearby café. Although not a race, many people aim to improve previous personal best times, and the ‘sprint finish’ can be just as competitive after 40 minutes as at the front as between people finishing in 15 minutes!
New participants are welcomed every week and people are welcome to run, walk, or volunteer as marshals, timekeepers or in our finish teams.”

Parkrun is now a popular worldwide movement, with 400,000 people taking part each week, all led by volunteers. The Lincoln Parkrun community helps bring individuals together from across Lincoln and impacts peoples’ lives through participation in many forms.

Parkrun and the Lincoln City Half Marathon team share the same ethos and see how participating in such activities improves an individual’s physical, social and mental well-being. The Lincoln City Half Marathon team are excited to be able to showcase and celebrate the Lincoln Parkrun event as part of the course route.

Feel like taking up your next running challenge?

Register for the Lincoln City Half Marathon here and learn more about the work of event organisers Lincoln City Foundation.

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